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San Luis Obispo Water Softener Exchange Tank Service

Rayne Water Conditioning of Santa Maria is family owned and locally operated. We are THE company to call for water softener exchange tank service in San Luis Obispo, California. We offer the residents of San Luis Obispo the most environmentally friendly water softening solutions available. Our Water Softener Delivery Service and Portable Exchange Tank Systems deliver softened water without the environmental impact of sodium discharge. Our PE Tank water softeners are also some of the most efficient in the industry; they use less water and salt in the regeneration process than a typical water softener.

In addition to our water softener delivery services, Rayne of Santa Maria also provides complete water treatment, water conditioning, and drinking water systems for your San Luis Obispo home and businesses.

How Hard is our Water?

Believe it or not, San Luis Obispo water contains up to 22 gpg – that’s REALLY hard!

Water Quality Report

What do you know about San Luis Obispo water quality?

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Water Softener Service in San Luis Obispo

Rayne’s Water Softener Exchange Tank Service is the most environmentally superior way to soften your hard water. Our water softener service in San Luis Obispo offers the same benefits as an installed water softener in your home, but without out the environmental impact of salt discharge into the waste water system.

Our service reduces water usage by at least two-thirds, while reducing the salt discharge rate to near zero percent! A Rayne technician will exchange the tanks when needed, and since they do not require any electricity, there is no added burden to your energy bill. Rayne’s water softener service is both hassle-free and effortless for you.

Testimonials From San Luis Obispo

Here’s what our San Luis Obispo water softener service customers are saying about us.

“My entire experience from the moment I first contacted Rayne for soft water service right up to final installation was pleasurable … Everyone I spoke with was extremely polite and honest. After years of hauling heavy bags of salt pellets to keep my home softener in operation, I now have a system that I don’t have to maintain anymore. I won’t mention any of your competitors by name, but the other heavily-advertised soft water service is priced much higher and they have many more added fees. Rayne soft water home service was clearly my best and most affordable choice.” – Michael Young

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Why Choose Rayne

Since 1928, Rayne has been providing quality water softener systems, water conditioning systems and drinking water purification systems to customers just like you. We are proud to offer:

  • A complete line of water softener, water conditioning and drinking water purification products – available for sale or lease
  • A National Corporation with Local Service through a network of dealers
  • Highly trained Rayne technicians perform all installations and service
  • Products built to last a lifetime
  • Service 24/7 – You call, we come!
  • The best warranties in the industry

When selecting the best home water softener and treatment system for your family, it goes without saying that you want to select a solution that really works. You also want to choose a water treatment system that is Eco-friendly while providing quality and value. Maybe it’s time for Rayne!