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Hard Water Solutions

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Hard Water Solutions

You DON’T have to live with hard water. Rayne of Santa Maria offers both soft water delivery services as well as traditional water softeners for you to choose from.

Soft Water
Delivery Service

Rayne’s Water Softener Exchange Tank Service is the most environmentally superior way to soften your hard water. Our water softener service offers the same benefits as an installed water softener in your home, but without the environmental impact of salt discharge into the wastewater system.

Our soft water delivery service reduces water usage by at least two-thirds, while reducing the salt discharge rate to near zero percent! A Rayne technician will exchange the tanks when needed, and since they do not require any electricity, there is no added burden to your energy bill. Rayne’s soft water service is both hassle-free and effortless for you.

Water Softeners

With so many water softeners on the market, finding the right one for your residential, commercial, or industrial needs can be tricky. We can also help maintain your equipment by changing filters or delivering salt. We’ll even put the salt in for you!

    • Rayne Infinity Home Water Softeners
      A durable, long-lasting water softening system that offers maximum efficiency and doesn’t have a reserve capacity. Instead, it provides you with continuous soft water.
    • RF 1000/1500 Series Home Water Softeners
      Like our Infinity model, the RF 1000/1500 Series Home Water Softener is a durable, more affordable water softening system.

    Do You Have Hard Water?

    Hard water can cause some major problems in your home.
    The benefits of soft water are well worth the cost of treatment!

    The Effects of Hard Water

    No doubt about it, hard water is a huge problem in northern California. The cost impacts of hard water are measurable and significant, to name a few:

    • Household use greater qualities soaps and detergents as hard water dramatically reduces the suds and effectiveness of soaps and detergents
    • Glasses etch and get dull
    • Silverware and plates become spotted
    • Laundry gets dull, damaged and worn
    • Skin is itchy and hair is dull and brittle
    • Plumbing gets clogged with scale and hard water deposits
    • Water using appliances such as washers, water heaters, dishwashers wear out and deteriorate much quicker

    The Benefits of Soft Water

    Our home water softening systems pay for themselves in savings and they will save you money from the very moment you begin to use them. Here is just a few benefits of softened water:

    • Save up to 80% on soaps and detergents
    • Dishes & glassware sparkle
    • Less time spent cleaning and polishing hard water spots
    • Cleaner and brighter laundry & less wear on clothes
    • Skin is softer and smooth
    • Shiny & more manageable hair
    • Protects plumbing & fixtures
    • Your water heater lasts longer and uses up to 30% less energy
    • Cleaner, clearer water from every faucet in your home
    • Provides scale and corrosion reduction for fixtures and water-using appliances

    Customer Testimonials

    “I can honestly say the customer service has been great. They were so kind and informative and answered all of my questions thoroughly. Even with the holidays we were able to get an appointment for installation set up within a few days. I’m excited to have our new water softener!”

    Amanda C.

    Santa Maria, CA

    “From the moment I called them, through the installation of both an RO system and a whole house system, everything has been perfect. Love the feel of the water! I called today to set up auto pay and lady I spoke with could not have been nicer or more knowledgeable. Their delivery guy is polite and professional. All in all, a top notch 5 star operation.”

    Randolph N.

    Santa Maria, CA

    Half as expensive as the other supplier in town, but 4 times the service in my book! They were very attentive and sent someone over immediately when I had a problem. Even though it turned out to be my water heater (which they weren’t responsible for) the technician was easily able to spot the problem and fixed it without blinking an eye. Thanks Rayne!”

    Rick G.

    Nipomo, CA

    Enjoy Your First Month On Us!